SNK Releases new information about The King of Fighters XV

Yatagarasu - December 8, 2020

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On December 3rd, SNK tweeted a short teaser showcasing concept art of returning favorites, Kyo Kusanagi and Benimaru Nikaido, as well as KOFXIV newcomer, Shun'ei.  Following the images was a date for the first official announcement of the game, the first instance of news presented since EVO 2019. The official announcement date for the game is January 7th, 2021 (JST). A video of KOF's producer, Yasuyuki Oda, and KOF's creative director, Eisuke Ogura, sharing a bit of information on the game was simultaneously released. In it, K' and Leona were teased to return although they weren't confirmed yet by either Oda or Ogura. The video can be found under the images.