The rollback patch for GUILTY GEAR XX ACCENT CORE PLUS R is out!

Nevo - October 29, 2020

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[10/29] Patch Notes from Team French CaliBurst

Added GGPO:

* Network mode now uses GGPO for online play!
* GGPO input delay can be set between 0 and 4 frames before battle by pressing left/right in a player room. A recommended delay depending on ping is displayed to the user
(0-100ms: 0f, 101-180ms: 1f, >180ms: 2f). This setting is saved.
* During a network game, ping and jitter information are displayed in the upper-right corner.
* To ensure best synchronization with opponents, playing with VSync disabled is strongly recommended.

Added player rooms:

* Network mode now supports player rooms of up to six players!
* Anyone not playing will spectate the current match.
* Aside from changing the GGPO delay, player rooms function similarly to the Switch version.

Added replay support:

* A replay gallery is now accessible from the main menu! Single and team, offline and online games replays are automatically recorded after each match.
* Replays are saved in %USERPROFILE%\Documents\ARC SYSTEM WORKS\GGXXAC\Replays\, and can be shared with other users.
* For power users and archivists, replay files can be embedded inside images for easy sharing and indexing (like rar-jpeg or rar-png).

New Training Mode features:

* [LEFT or RIGHT]+RESET: Reset to left/right corner.
* DOWN+RESET: Reset with player sides switched; can be combined with left or right.

Character Select updates:

* In AC+R mode, normal (non-EX) characters now have access to two new character colors! They are accessible by pressing the Dust button with the the Reload or Slash color set selected.
* To avoid accidental selection of SP characters, the method to choose Gold and Shadow characters has been changed. Players must now press the "Rec. Enemy" button on the Reload/Slash color sets to choose Gold or Shadow versions of characters.
The "Rec. Enemy" button is not bound by default or used in normal play, so this should reduce the chances of accidentally picking those versions.

Other improvements:

* Completely remastered character voices and sound effects! Guilty Gear has never sounded better.
* The behavior of the "anti alias" display option has changed. When antialias is set to "off", sprites are scaled as accurate to the arcade release as possible.
* Added controller hotswap support! No need to restart the game when unplugging controllers anymore.
* All stages and stage variants are always available - no more unlocks!
* All stages and stage variants are now available online!
* You can now change your audio device while playing without losing game sound! This may be particularly useful for headset users.
----* If you encounter trouble, this can be disabled by adding the "-disableaudiomonitoring" launch option.
* To smooth out framerate and prevent visual artifacts when VSync is disabled, triple buffering has been added! As mentioned, we strongly suggest playing with VSync off for the best experience.
* The game now properly starts when there is no audio device.
* Network profile window animations have been sped up to reduce the wait time.
* Quick Search, or Custom Search with AREA OFF, is now a regionfree search.
* You can now pass the opening movie and the title screen with any button.


* Game capture software now detects the game window correctly.
* Game no longer halts execution when alt-tabbed. Players should now be able to minimize the window without disconnecting from a room or opponent.
* If DisplaySetting.cfg contains unsupported resolution, display settings are now fixed automatically upon startup.

Known issues:

* Network Team VS mode crashes between rounds.

- Team French CaliBurst -

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